maandag 16 november 2009


Being an experienced BizTalk Developer, Architect and Consultant I have had the fortune that so many many of us post their knowledge and findings to the internet. It helped me understand the deeper workings and architecture of BizTalk and it's place in the .Net universe.

I have to thank the ' Big Names' like Paolo, Scott, Brian, Marty and Joshi for pushing this to begin with. Some know me, most don't but I am grateful to all of them.

It is time to return the favor: here I will post whatever I find and the experiences I had with BizTalk, be it coding components, tricking the messagebox or BP's for development, deployment and, the big neglected factor, positioning and maintenance within the enterprise

As an extra I have plans to take anything SOA related that could be interesting to the BizTalk community and put it up here. Be patient though, my time is limited and insufficient to fulfil all my ambitions in life :)

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